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The Intesive: 12/29/2018 • Featuring Derick Grant & Aaron Tolson


The Intensive

Derick Grant and Aaron Tolson decided to host a week long tap event for advanced dancers only. They believe that there is so much more to provide young dancers, like yourself, to prepare for real world auditions, tap jams, jobs, etc.    

This will NOT be a week of memorizing and performing choreography. Though there is value in this,  instead that will be just one piece of the puzzle. You will also be asked to work with live musicians and take tap technique classes in addition to the ones that they think would make you a better tap dancer (yoga, nutrition, theater, Pilates, etc). 

Be Prepared

It's called "The Intensive" for a reason! The days will be long. The work will be hard. This is for advanced students who really want to be a better tap dancer at the end.  


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